Wesp32 - ESP32 with Ethernet!

This looks like a neat project to watch out for:

One of the handy things that the ESP8266 + ESP32 have (maybe the other ESP platforms as well) is OTA updates. But they’re all wifi only, which has it’s drawbacks.

That is exactly what I’ve been dreaming of for a few years…

Likewise! PoE 802.3at and 13 watts available at 12v is pretty freaking cool.

Shut up and take my money!

And they’ve released it -> https://www.crowdsupply.com/silicognition/wesp32

I wish they had an ad-hoc version instead of just 802.3…

On the features list:

Support for applying external power to V+, in case PoE is unavailable

You can get breakout fly leads for Passive PoE and power it that way.

Considering the rest of the power features:

Default 12 V output setting for V+ provides 12.95+ W of power
Optional (bridge solder jumper) 5 V output setting for V+ provides 5 W of power
IEEE 802.3at Type 1 Class 0 compliant PoE
3.3 V output with up to 6 W of power (taken from V+)
Support for powering via the wESP32-Prog USB port (limited to 5 V on V+)
Compatible with both PoE Mode A (power over data pairs) and PoE Mode B (power over spare pairs)

Being able to pull nearly 13W @ 12V off the output is pretty darn nice. With an efficient stepdown, that’s almost 30W/6A at 5V!

nope… Watts is Watts.

Amps go up when volts go down, but watts stay the same.

Common error tho… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh, yes @Tinker is quite right. I’ll blame my pre-caffeinated brain :wink:

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Wishing the Wesp32 was a tad cheaper. $40 AUD would be nice, but I understand the reasons why they are still at $55 USD each. I can just wait it out until they drop in price.

I backed this on Crowd Supply because I’ve been doing some ESP32 work for a commercial client (not related to SuperHouse) over the last 12 months, and on their wish-list is PoE with ESP32. It looks like they’ll be shipping soon so I’m keen to see how well they work.

Last June I did most of the schematic and started the PCB layout for an ESP32 board with PoE and a pair of I/O Breakout headers (IDC12) but never got back to doing the routing. It’s something I’d personally find useful though so it’s still on my list.

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It doesn’t seem that the WESP32 allows “OTA” (“OTWire?”) firmware updates. Does anyone here know if that is the case? This would be a killer device if it could. I’ve looked at Ether10 and EtherMega as well, but getting OTA firmware reflashing would be a challenge.

It’s a component of the Espressif IDF, so I imagine OTA would function as per a regular ESP32.


It’s the killer feature I’m hoping for when mine finally arrive.

And I just got my Export Control forms to sign! Hopefully that means shipping soon :slight_smile:

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You’ll have to let us know if/when they finally are able to ship :slight_smile:

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@techman83 I got my form too, then today I got an email saying I didn’t need to complete the form!

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Nice! I got my DHL notification today :smiley: - I’d assume there is a good chance you’ve already ordered something from Mouser, who’ve acquired Crowd Supply. Maybe their logistics system might have you covered off already?

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I’ve definitely ordered from Mouser before, so maybe that’s the reason. I know that I’ve had to complete export declarations in the past.

My pair have arrived! I’ve not had any time to so anything beyond open the box, but I’m excited!


Have you been able to play with these?