Sensors allow your home automation system to respond to changes in the environment and adjust to suit your needs. This can include temperature / humidity monitoring, presence detection, security sensors, and more.

3D Printing

Hints, tips, questions about 3D printing.

Home Control Software

Overall management of your home automation system can be done using a variety of software, including OpenHAB, Home Assistant, Mr House, and more.

Labs / Workshops / Tools

Workshop tours, storage hints, discussion of tools.

Home Audio

Audio is often forgotten in home automation projects, but it can be very handy to integrate your sound system with your home automation system. Tell us about your home audio projects here.

Project Showcase

Please share your home automation projects! They don’t have to be finished: in-progress projects are just as interesting.

Solar Power, UPS, RAPS

RAPS (remote area power systems) projects such as solar inverter status reporting are popular home automation projects.

Lighting Control

Lights are usually the first project for home automation. Tell us about your lighting control here.

Assistive Technologies

Home automation has a huge benefit when it’s used as an assistive technology, either for the elderly or for people with physical disabilities or injuries. Let’s discuss how home automation can benefit people in these situations.

Appliance Control

Take control of everyday appliances around your house.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Voice Assistants

Tell us about your experiences and projects using Alexa, Google Home, Mycroft AI, Lily, and other voice assistants.