Remotely Operated Circuit Breakers (Main Electrical Service)

Since I purchased this house in 1998, I noticed that the internal panel bus assembly was cocked outward on the right side, which did not allow the breakers to line up with the cover plate cut-outs for the breakers.

Since 1998, the assembly has cocked outward even more and I am afraid that it may cause some problems one day. I believe that it is time to replace the Main Service Panel. This is the one area of Home Automation/Control that there is not much in the way of products.

I started researching and came up with Square D (here in the USA) that has “Remote Controlled Circuit Breakers” for the main electrical service panel. Well the best way to see if this is a product that is worth the $$$$.$$, is to at least purchase one breaker and run a test on it.

I received the breaker ($45) the other day and the fun began. Oh, I also made a short YouTube video to share with everyone. So, read up on the breaker specifications and it requires 24VDC to operate the breaker electronically. There is a 6" (3) wire pigtail. The Red wire connects to +24VDC, the Black wire connects to Negative and the White wire is the common lead. When you connect the common lead to +24Volts it turns the breaker on. When you connect the common lead to Negative it turns the breaker off.

Time to pull out the 24volt power supply, a couple relays, LED, and an Arduino.

I wired up the breaker to the 24Volt power supply (red and black leads) and to the 5VDC relays. I connected the common lead to the relays. Connected the relay control leads to the Arduino and wrote a basic script to test out the relay.

The outcome is in the following short YouTube video.