Windows and blinds

Having to spend prolonged periods of time in bed due to medical complications of a disability, I’m always looking for ways to automate and remotely control things. Off the shelf options abound and are fine but are often relatively expensive. So I have a combination of these devices and homemade ones too.

I’m currently planning an inexpensive roller-blind control and an opener for my bedroom sliding window. Both projects will be powered by small high-torque low-voltage motors and controlled by NodeMCU boards and motor drivers. I’ll use the familiar FauxMo library to control them via my Amazon Echo fleet. I have a couple of multi-relay switches that I have made using this method. I just have to work out my software changes.

Hopefully I’ll post more when it’s progressed further.


Sounds great, I am interested in your roller blind solution, it is something I have been looking at for a while.