WIFI Light Switches - Australia Solutions

To the super house community!

I have been searching far and wide though out the various hardware suppliers for a WIFI light switch that would work to support retro fitting a house.

I hope this question has not been asked a thousand times.

I would look for the switch to support the follow:

  • AU/US plate sizing
  • 2 wire (no neutral support)
  • support 1/2/3 gang switches
  • WIFI or Zwave or Zigbee
  • Open source support
  • optional dimming
  • switch state reporting

Now i am aware of sonoff’s TC2 solution, broadlink TC2 etc etc.

So was thinking we as a community could start compiling a list of manufacturers & feature sets (unless this is already done of course)



I don’t have a neutral availalble in the switch box at my house. I think I have basically two options (Sorry Jon - don’t think rewiring my entire house is in the cards) -

  1. Put Sonoff in extension collar on the ceiling of the room
  2. (A little more work) Run Cat5 to the swtich would be /relatively/ easy and could be undone later. Convince @jon or someone else to make an insert like this https://www.superhouse.tv/product/light-switch-rj45-breakout-4-button/ which also includes a 110 relay with all three contact pins exposed (NO/COM/NC). So the controller goes in the basement and the wall just has a pushbutton or toggle switch and a relay. The three contacts would actually allow for a 3-way switch; but that would be kinda useless since you’re adding intelligence.


For #1 - At one point I had found a blank flange/extension /similar/ the one here (not including the globe):image.

It could be used to space the light down a bit; giving room for the Sonoff without having to dig into the ceiling.