Where's Our Mentor Jonathan Oxer?

Hi all, As a newbie I love reading & seeing the content & advice left on these fora but miss the fantastic tutorials/info videos from Jon.
Anyone know what his status is & if he is ok & just taking a break?

Hi ,
He,s still around…best to check on the discord channel …

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He is doing well. Was super tied up with some personal things but that has resolved and he is back at it working up some new content. He shows up on the Discord server every other day or so. But I expect that he will be showing up more often.


Thanks Guru & Frank. I thought I had been watching the forum feeds but seems I couldn’t have been. Really glad to hear he is on the up side of his personal issues & hope he hasn’t raced back for our sakes.
He gives so much & expects nothing in return. I’m proud to be a meagre supporter of Jonathan, Superhouse & Freetronics.