What PLC you are using?

Hi Jon,

Was wondering what PLC you are using in your Wiring cabinet if you have updated from the Etherten with the stacks yet that was sitting in the plastic container? It is probably the only sticking point for me for setting up the wiring hopefully in the new house we planning to build. and running it all back to relays. The WAF(wife acceptance factor) of having something like that would probably not pass. I would prefer to do something like your place but if it was a bit too DIY it maybe easier to use zwave modules in all the light switches even with the cost being crazy.

Thanks Liam

Have a look at about 9mins into episode 24. still the etherten minus lunchbox, I believe.

Thanks for that, I re watched a couple of episodes and yes it is still those, He does mention that he is looking into changing this part to something more reliable, Hopefully this is something less DIY looking.

Thanks Liam

Yes, that’s probably the crudest part of the system right now.

The main reason that I haven’t done anything about replacing it is that I want to integrate the controller with the relays themselves, as a self-contained DIN-rail mounted device with the controller and relays all together. Or better still, replace the relays with Triacs or similar and implement some form of dimming. I could make a neater version of the same controller that I’m using, but it wouldn’t give me any of that extra functionality.

Given the huge interest in dimming (it’s one of the top requested topics from viewers) I’ll probably get to this soon.

Also, I’ve been secretly hoping that ITEAD or someone else would release a product that solves the problem for me so I can be lazy :wink:


Thanks for the reply, If there was a solution for what to mount in the service box, then that would make the whole process easier to implement, as getting something adhoc put in there by an electrician may be be a little hard to convince is ok.

Thanks Liam