Watchdog Options


I am making good progress on a few of my projects and I am pondering the next steps on the vault hardware. Once I get a solid program complete, and that is getting really close, I want to design a project specific board for the controller. I am at a crossroads of unknown direction in watchdog timer options. I have seen some references to watchdog code to be dropped in to a sketch and have seen hardware watchdog elements as well. As a matter of fact, Jon sells one here on Superhouse I could integrate. Being as I am looking at creating an all in one board design though, I think I would probably want to integrate that into my board instead of an add-on. I am leaning towards hardware based timer. The reason being, since I don’t have any experience with this stuff, I would believe that if your processor hangs up, your software based timer is gonna hang too?

Anyone with experience that wants to kick in some thought on this?


Hey mate, have watched Johnathan’s episode #15? Explains it pretty well around the 8:00 min marks pretty much explains your question?

Hope this helps


LOL. Yeah, I have seen all of them. Many times. But I keep forgetting what was in there. Guess it’s time to binge watch them again.


The circuit for the hardware watchdog is quite simple, so incorporating it into your design should be fairly easy.

However, a word of warning about a trap that I fell into when I first implemented a hardware watchdog: you need a way to disable it for development. It’s really annoying to have a watchdog that hits reset on your microcontroller just when you’re in the middle of uploading new code and it’s not executing its watchdog reset code!

That was a head-slap moment when it first happened to me.

So in your design, put a 2-pin header with a jumper (or a cut-track if you prefer) between reset and the watchdog output, so that you can disable it while you’re doing software development.