Using Tasmota with MQTT

This is a great idea, I am slowly working my way to cover much of the house both with activators, switches and sensors.
I am running a Raspberry Pi with MQTT and Node-Red. I tried Open Hab, but found it a bit hard to get the way I like.
Jon, I really enjoy Superhouse videos and look forward to the next one. I have plagiarised some of your ideas.
I have just installed Tasmota on a Sonoff RfBridge-433, and am trying to figure out how to set the topic for each button. I have it working with my front door-bell which works, but the topic message is rather generic. I have written a simple function to decode the message and send it an SMS service to message my mobile.
Any help would be appreciated.
Keep up the good Work Jon


ITEAD sent me an engineering sample of the RF Bridge just before it was released, and I must admit that I’ve never even plugged it in! I have a box of miscellaneous Sonoff related hardware ready for me to work through it all and do projects with it, but until I can try it for myself I don’t think I’m much help on this :frowning:

Thanks Jon,
I gave it a quick test before flashing it with Tasmota, it worked quite well as expected.
After flashing, the Bridge I was able to get it to learn our front low-cost door-bell. I can write functions for each of its possible buttons, it is just easier if I can work out to change the button output. OTA makes it easy to update things as I change them, although as you know a lot of the settings may be done through the web interface.

Well after quite a bit of Googling, I wasn’t able to find any information on changing the message sent when a remote button is pressed I decide to use a node-red function node with 16 outputs, and as I have never needed or learned JSON, I needed to do a bit of research on how to write a simple function to accept a variable input payload then scan it to determine what to do then feed a message out on one of the 16 outputs. It seems to work quite well and wasn’t too hard for my old brain ( I went to Uni when computers were programmed with punched cards).

My next project is to try to modify the TASMOTA software so that it will work with the very simple and very limited ESP01. I can already load the TASMOTA software on to it and have it working, so now all I need to do is find the place in Theo’s software where he configures the various modules.

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It’s nice to know there is someone else here who used punch cards. It was a real step up when we finally got a terminal that used a cassette tape to store programs instead of stacks of cards. Oh yeah, those were the days. Don’t miss them at all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: