Usefull Links and Projects for DIY Home Automation

Hi all.

Following a discussion on the superhouse discord i thought this might be a good topic to post here too.

My idea is for people to add a comment to this topic with a useful bit of software and how it intergrates into your home automation system. this is more aimed at diy soultions that you have created to do something.

At the bottom of this post ive created a template please use this to create your post and each week ill update the main post with a link to the comment for anybody who wants more info about it

This will consolidate all the fantastic project this community has been creating for all to enjoy.

Hopefully @jon sees this and can pin it to the top of the discourse for all to see.

Cheers JamesKennewell (Bedrock)
List of Projects:
Relay8 MQTT Driver Software

Project Name:

What does it do?:


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Project Name: Relay8 MQTT Driver Software

What does it do?:
This is a rewrite of JonOxer’s code for controlling the Relay8 boards from Freetronics it adds suport for Control over MQTT suporting upto 8x Relay8 boards supporting a total of 64 Relay output channels it uses a single MQTT topic for controlling the relay output and can support multiple switchboards if required.

For More info about how it works have a look at the Github Page Found here
Link: Relay8 MQTT Driver Software