SuperHouse visiting New York

Next week I’ll be in New York for the MariaDB Developers Conference, followed by the MariaDB OpenWorks conference. The conferences will be in the bottom end of Manhattan, and I’ll be staying some distance away in Midtown.

The conferences will keep me pretty busy, but having an opportunity to see people from other parts of the world is pretty rare so if anyone feels like trying to meet up, please let me know.

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Thats awesome! Wish I could go there and meet up. Any trips to the midwest planned?

Not at the moment, but next time I come to the US I hope to have a bit more warning so I can organise some meetups.

But first, you need to make a trip to Canada.

Specifically, pretty much anywhere in Southern Ontario would be good.

Then I could buy you a beer.

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That would be fantastic. I spent a bit of time in Montreal many years ago setting up an Internet control system for big refrigeration compressors, and managed to take a couple of weekend drives to places like Toronto and Mont-Tremblant. It’s beautiful there, and my wife and I would love to go back for a holiday and a chance to spend time exploring.