Source for Sonoffs? Sonoffi?

Gday All,
Looking for a good reliable source for Sonoffs. I was hoping Superhouse sold them, as Jon was the one that introduced me to them on youtube. Alas, no Sonoffs.

What are you favorite sources?


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The absolutely cheapest place to source them from is directly from Sonoff on Ali Express. I buy them there by the dozen at around $4.50 US including shipping. That is the Basic of course as the others are more expensive but that is the most affordable place to get them from since they come from China anyway. Where as I pay $10+ to get them from Amazon here in the US. I have bought many of them and had no issues at all with reliability as far as shipping issues or what not. It takes a few extra days to get them but always had a good experience there.

I’m tipping there would be some legal issues with selling them locally. Most of them don’t have any Australian compliance marks and that’s kinda important when it comes to anything that connects to the mains.

Though it looks like a local company has gone to the trouble of getting some devices certified

@techman83 That is an interesting point. We circle back around to the legality of certified devices in AUS. The Sonoff products don’t carry the UL cert. to be used in the States which means they can’t be used in permanent install but are ok for hobby use…(aka, install an extension cord to them for input power) so they can be legally sold here. But I understand this is not the case over there.

It’s a bit of a grey area, except in Queensland. Where basically unless you’re a sparky, you can’t do anything.

Every now and then I go looking, as I’m certified Test/Tag (when courses required knowing how to use a megohmmeter) and it’s not really clear. But there’s likely a reason the basic isn’t one of the devices Oikotec got certified.

Hi, thanks for the replies everyone, I’ve ordered some. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of questions

No problem! Ask away! They are a fun product to tweak.

Hi. I’m looking to fit out my new house with Sonoff’ touch panels and coming up against the same concerns. It looks like to me that have gone through recertifying the sonoffs but i’m not 100% sure. Check this out : - so question is will my sparky install these & is there any other companies selling these locally?