Sonoff with USB

Hello, I am looking to integrate USB with the a Sonoff. My intention is instead of 110v output, I want a USB power plug. I could wire in an outlet an plug a USB charger in, but I would prefer to try to integrate it into one device. The reason is, I am installing a bunch of the Wyzecams in the house and I want to power them on/off using Amazon Alexa. This will allow my wife to turn off all the cameras when she is home, then power them up as necessary, like when we are gone. Since all my Alexa’s are powered through internal wiring back to my closet, I want to use Sonoffs there as well. So I am looking to have approximately 12 or so individual USB devices, 5 Alexa’s mounted to the ceiling and about 7 Wyzecams. Any suggestions?

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Someone might know otherwise but from my knowledge of electronics, you can’t easily integrate what you are trying to do ONTO a Sonoff. Reason being it is two separate systems connected by a step down transformer. The power that transformer provides is probably not enough to scavenge for both the Sonoff brain and a relatively high use usb source. It would require additional amperage that the Sonoff guts can’t provide on its own. In addition, the way the thing is wired is to pass mains voltage through the relay and to change that would require doing some major mods to the PCB. You haven’t stated your comfort level with component level electronics but because we are talking mains level voltage and the potential to burn down your house, this is not beginner level mods. Easiest is to just do a plug and a wall wart. Orherwise, it’s a considerately new kettle of fish.

There are other ways to get there but not as Lego like as a Sonoff module. You said you have “internal wiring” to your Alexas… is that not already low voltage supply? Could you do another type of component instead? I know sonoffs are cheaper but if you already have stepped down voltage at your camera points…

You may be able to do what you’re asking with the Sonoff “SV” (Safe Voltage). I believe it can switch EITHER mains voltage OR the supply voltage.

You just would need a single “upstream” 5V power adapter the put the output to a USB socket; and build a new box for it.

Just thinking “inside” the box.
You can buy a wall switch with USB port built in. The interesting thing is how they are constructed. The USB port is actually a separately wired module (see pix)
This means you could:

  1. Connect the module via a sonoff relay.
  2. Scavenge the module and mount on your own box.