Sonoff touch flash memory upgrade

Hi, the sonoff touch has 1mb of flash. I was looking for the memorychip (as on the sonoff basic) to upgrade it but I could not find it. Then I red the 1MB is integrated in the esp8285. Does this mean I can not upgrade the flash to 4 mb?


That’s correct, it can’t be upgraded. Not by a simple flash chip replacement, anyway.

The ESP8266 doesn’t have any internal flash, and requires an external flash memory chip to operate. That’s why it can be upgraded. The ESP8285 is the same processor but with 1MB of flash built-in, so that it doesn’t need an external flash chip. It’s a cost-optimisation that ITEAD use in some models.

Thanks, that is a pitty. 1 mb for ota and spiffs is just not enough. I would not have made à problem if these things were 50cts more expensive but with at least 2 MB. Now, I must look for some alternatives.