Sonoff POW R2 option to work with more than 16A

Hello All,

Does someone know an option for Sonoff POW R2 that could work with more than 16A in 220V? I need a device that could control and make reports of electric consume in watts (like POW R2 does…or better…) but that could work with 25A … Maybe a POW R2 modification if possible…
Thks a lot for any help!

Hi @ljraad,

25A is not a “normal” consumer socket outlet thou they do exist, I feel unlikely to meet the DIY enthusiast hobbyist market, as such unlikely to exist. Thou may be wrong hopefully the forum will add also.

So I’d like to know whatever your doing will it be hardwired, on a dedicated circuit back to the switch board?

“Example”: A Standard 32A oven circuit on a 6mm2 Double insulated TPS cable dedicated circuit (Common in most Aussie homes). So if you look in your switch board you’ll see it has its own circuit breaker & cable goes direct to the oven.

For Electrical automation control: Have a 3 phase 32-40A contactor installed on the din rail at the switchboard as you need to break the neutral in addition to the active on an automation-controlled device, well maybe that depends on your local electrical laws. Up to the sparky but I would.

6mm2 D-TPS goes from the MainSwitch/Main Isolator thou a 32A Circuit breaker (Thermal Overload protection) then thou the Contactor L1-T1 (Active) & L3-T3 (Neutral) then to appliance. So now it has a cable with a control device (Contactor)

Then for the control side of the circuit:

Use a rated relay, (Rated to the coil on the contactor) You’ll be able to have a relay like Jonathans system to pull the contact on and your choice of control device (Arduino works here)

Then for the Amp meter, I’d use a non-invasive AC current sensor (Link below) then plug that into the Arduino.

Then do the maths to get the watts from the amp meter



Power factor (assumed) .9

W=VI/pf W=22025*.9 = 4950W

Hope this helps


Non-invasive AC Current Sensor (CT Sensor)

Links to how to use the sensor with the CT Sensor


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Oh wow, now that’s an interesting device. It’s just a bit too expensive for me to buy purely to test it though, because I couldn’t install it in Australia without certification. If that was certified I think I’d replace my existing circuit breakers with it.

Yeah, that’s like the ideal device. Considering you can adjust the trip load, I reckon getting it certified probably falls into the “never going to happen” category.

Doesn’t do anything for US markets either since it is DIN rail mount and for some reason we have not gone to proper load centers like the rest of the world. I’d change everything I had to DIN mount if they’d approve it for something other than industrial equipment.

Having attempted to read the description… I kinda hope to never see one in the wild.

Set the current of your 63A device in the app anywhere from 0.1-500A???

Power measured in KV? (up to 500KV at that… :open_mouth: )

Yeah, that has to be a lot of marketer wankateering because circuit breakers don’t work that way. You don’t just tell a high amperage device what it’s trigger point is.

weeeellll… You can.
But it’s no longer a circuit breaker.

What got me first off was the supposed ability to set it for 500A…