Sonoff Mini Programming Board

Hi Jon

Last year you said in a post that you have a Sonoff Mini Programming board under development. I’m really interested in getting one, I’ve tried making one but I have arthritis and my fine motor skills aren’t what they once were so it failed.


I made one which did work but your problem is something that I’ve pondered insofar as I’ve wondered if somebody could configure one for me rather than selling a working jig. Now that I can do it I’d be happy to post you one that is preconfigured if it were workable. I use ESPHOME but that is largely irrelevant as long as it gets onto a network that you can use for an over-the-air update that doesn’t involve sending packets to China. The obvious problem is your network security.
Perhaps smarter people than me can comment on a theoretical solution that I wonder about. Why can’t people such as yourself create a temporary network with an SSID such as OverTheAir with passwords XXX. I send you a preconfigured Sonoff mini for this network which you then mount and update with your real credentials and mount on your real network.
Am I missing something or is it just the fact that in trying to be helpful I’d end up with a full time unpaid job?
Cheers J