Sonoff Australian Certifications?

Interested in exploring Sonoff products in a new family cave about to begin construction. Very familiar with HA I am C-Bus certified, Ness M1 certified and have done a number of full on HA system. The first back in 2005.

Retired now and the family cave is going to be a scaled down project from what I am use to. 5 years since retiring and looking at a more cost effective solution than using C-Bus, M1 etc. been tuning into Jon videos and posts. Brilliant thanks Jon.

Anyway Sonoff looks a very interesting and economical possible solution however only if they have Australian electrical certifications. Interested in using their 4ch relays but can not find any reference to them being certified?

As Jon has clearly pointed out the risks of using electrical products that are not certified from a safety and insurance perspective what is the current Sonoff product certification status?

There is a long thread on HA’s community forum
many products mentioned from the very few certified Sonoff and the shelly1 to the wide selection of tuya based gear at Bunnings and Kogan.