Sensors - communication type

Hi All A new post from a newbie and hope this hasnt been covered previously.

Ive recently moved to HA after several years on a vera 3 controller. Thus far I find it nice, however I am find it more and more frustrating with connecting sensors.

To explain. I purchsed a new Aeotec zwave trisensor. Not cheap however assumed it would be very easy to apply to my HA and Aeotec controlled zwave network. It appears to work find when you tail the log but I cant get the gui to represent any change in motion.

I also purchased a couple of Sonoffs (first time ever). Watched Jonothans videos and put them into my network. so much easier.

I also watched Jonathan make comment on hardwiring automation as oppossed to wifi, which I do agree with.

I looked at making a raspberry pi zero W into a pir/temp/hum sensor with mqtt but at thsi point my skill is not at that level.

So here is the question… are their any IP based sensors available that work on either ethernet and/or wifi off the shelf.

Would seem so much easier from my epxeriences.



Hi Peter, welcome to the forum!

I’ve never used an Aeotec trisensor so I can’t help with solving that part of the problem, but you could achieve something similar using Tasmota firmware (like I use on Sonoffs) either running on a Sonoff or on something like a Wemos D1 Mini. You could put a temperature / humidity shield on a D1 Mini, load Tasmota, and have it reporting values to MQTT via WiFi for about 1/10th the price of the Aeotec trisensor.

I have a project I’ve been working on for a very long time (it stalled while I worked on other things) to make hardware specifically to do this job. This picture shows one of my early prototypes from early last year before I switched sensors. Hopefully I’ll get back to this project soon.

Thanks Jonathan,

I really think their has to be a market for temp/hum/pir sensors that just plugin to wifi (or ethernet) networks.

Just so much simpler then zwave. btw fixed my zwave trisensor issue.