Rules Engine... Openhab options?

Plugging along here now. Got impatient and didn’t wait for the flash adapter I ordered and just did a cable instead. Easy but not as cool as the adapter. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The flashing thing is way easier now that I understand what I am doing with it. Got a couple devices flashed and figured out how to find and link them to Openhab. Having issues with the Sonoff Bridge with Tasmota on it but I haven’t invested too much time in sorting that out as of yet.

The question for this thread though has to do with the rules engine for Openhab. I have seen some videos on the rules engine and that seems a slight bit confusing. Also seen some posts about using Node-Red as the rules engine but that is even more confusing. Not the Node-Red part but how they made it all integrate. I know I am missing something there. Is anyone using Node-Red with their OpenHab setup? And if so, what did you do to make the rules integrate into the OH process? What should I know and are there some resources you would like to point me towards in that regard?

Once I get the first project completely running… my hot water loop pump… I am going to do an A-Z video on the steps of how I got there. One of those that takes 20 minutes to cover 200 steps that you pause and do then restart the video kinds of things. Getting closer. I can see the completion coming soon. Then on to the automated package vault!!! I have the parts for it but gotta take baby steps.

Hmmm… Momma always said that persistence is king! So with enough 4a.m. searching and reading my brains out, I figured out the Node Red integration. Now to work on the rules part. I most definitely need to do a comprehensive video series on this for doofuses like myself (is doofusi the plural :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue:). The documentation on all of this stuff is SOOOOOO broad and fragmented.

I try to keep all the rules in one place… My home automation system has gotten pretty extensive and it can be difficult when it becomes spread out across multiple systems. The OH Rules engine generally does a pretty good job and I have basically all of my rules run through that. Sometimes you need good Google-Foo but the answers are out there. If you have any specific questions, post them here and we’ll try to get them answered.