Re-soldering broken smd pad


Usually I find informations by myself on the internet but that one I thought I could share it here with you guys… Since I pass a lot of time here to read absolutely every posts.

So here is my first new topic.

I’ve tried to start to replace firmware on a MagicHome I’ve just received for an Tasmota and to hook up an FTDI is pretty difficult on they tiny soldering pads…

I was successful but… I wanted to pry a little one of the hooked wire and… the complete pad came of !!! Nightmare !

Here some picture:
Here the pad is removed and still on the wire

And here is the route on the other side that suppose to go at pin one (I think)

I am currently waiting for and precise soldering iron found cheap on Aliexpress but I am sort of jealous of John’s camera microscope. One day maybe… smd start to take place in my passion and I’ve just receive a bunch of resistance… that will be a new hardroute experience and skill!

What you think guys?
How you’d fix that?


You want to learn how to do good microsoldering, watch a few Louis Rossman videos. He does tons of it and shows how to do it and not bridge everything together. You will need decent magnification to do so though. It is ALL repairable but depends on your dedication. You will need a small wedge iron tip for best results and.if you plan to do lots of SMD work, you should get a hot air rework station. MARK Ethan rework stations are an affordable beginners setup. I got mine on Amazon and it works slick. Part of the deal with doing solder work on micro component boards is to not try and solder too large a gauge of wire to the pads. You will cook them before the wire gets hot enough to solder.

There is a good video microscope that was showcased on the EEVBlog YouTube channel… microscope under $500.


I think I’ll follow exactly the route you gave me!

I’m really interested in smd’s and I’ll follow your example.

I’ve indeed buy a cheap beveled soldering iron and is on is way… I’ll give here update right after my first try.
Tank you @Guru_Of_Nothing !


I grabbed the links for you to help out…
The EEV Blog Video with the links in the comments section…

The camera I mentioned…

The rework station I bought that works great!


Whoua! exactly what I was doing! searching is videos… Awesome guy this channel!
But do you remember if he had a lift pad challenge in one of his video?


There are quite a few of them actually. To repair something like that, you don’t actually repair the pad because that is generally impossible. You have to either bare the trace close to the pad, where the trace is stable, and solder to it or find where the trace goes and solder to that place instead. It is not ideal but it is the easiest way to correct the mistake.

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