New episode: Sonoff Tasmota installation and configuration

Just a heads-up that I uploaded a new episode this morning:


Awesome episode - I watched it last night. I’ve been customizing the firmware like a schmuck all this time… custom for each Sonoff in my system… Mostly adding the WIFI info and assigning a unique name; nothing really other than that. So that gives me some good ideas on how else I can do it.

So was I, for a long time! One of the nicest things about Tasmota is that it can be installed from the same binary without having to change the source and recompile every time, just change a couple of settings and it’s done :slight_smile:

Hi Jonathon

I have a Blue LED push button connected to GPIO14. When I push button it changes the State, on and off which is great. However the problem is using Fallback Topic. Sonoff is sending standard “sonoff Topic” so HA is not seeing the MQTT message and therefore not changing state on the UI Overview Page
I sent a email with more details. Hope you can help?
Thanks heaps

Welcome, Bruce!

You’re absolutely right, when using just the fallback topic you don’t get local state changes reflected back to the controller. This is something I totally glossed over in the video, because it’s not something that has mattered to me personally for most of the devices I use, and for the devices where it matters I’ve set a unique topic and used that instead of the fallback topic.

Personally I think this is a minor design flaw in Tasmota. IMHO Tasmota should behave the same way on the fallback topic structure as it does on the manually configured topic structure, because that would make it much easier to integrate into controller software automatically without having to make config changes in each device.

However, that’s not the way that Theo has designed it, so at this stage you can either use the fallback topic and miss out on local state changes, or manually configure a unique topic and get the state changes.

Hi Jon
That is exactly what I thought, so I ended up changing the devices to unique topics so that I could be the feedback to show the state changes. So I have managed to get it to work thankfully.
As I am still learning I do have another question you may be able to answer
I am a PIR Sensor connected to Sonoff, and I would like to turn on a Hue Light bulb using MQTT commands. I have the sensor setup as a binary sensor and HA is showing it in states, under development.
I am a little unsure how to add the hue light or define a topic. I would like to take the sensor as trigger and the action is too turn the light on 100% up until 1800 and then 50% from 1800 - 2300 hrs.
I am sure I can write the Automation however I cannot work out how to add the HUE.
I know this sounds terrible and seems very basic to you, however still learning I am piecing bits together slowly.
Cheers heaps for now
PS your Blue and White LED push buttons are absolutely magic, I have a few of them around the house, and installing more each day