NET-PwrCtrl HUT 2 experience or alternative for Oz

Hi Supers

In looking for relays, I found a HTML controlled relay NET-PwrCtrl HUT 2 by ANEL. Does anyone have experience or an alternative that has Aust compliance? I am an IOT-noob and liked the idea of HTML control of the relay and OH bindings.

Back story.

About to build a new home in Queensland Australia and looking for the usual nirvana, plug and play reliable automation gear. Please note, the term “reliable” will be defined by my wife and will be subject to marriage nag clause if I ever use the term “Have you rebooted the lights.”

Love to hear suggested methods for infrastructure and software that can see the lights default to dumb if the brain dies. This could even be a single hard switch in the cabinet to achieve this. This switch will in future be known as the TWFFS switch (The Wifes For F$%# Sake switch).

I have consumed most of Jon’s posts and love the idea of a star topology and low volt sensor switches. Building a salable home comes first, IOT comes second. I intend to be running 240v, Cat and some selected 48V to a central cabinet. Prefer essential signals go over copper, but happy for wireless signalling for gadgets.



Greg… I am in the US and have no idea at all about OZ compliant hardware but I have say that you have your priorities right! The first time you have to explain the topology of the light switch controls to your wife will be same day you rent a flat for you and your hardware to reside. I agree that the words, “Have you tried rebooting the light switch controller?” Is something that should NEVER have to be uttered to someone we don’t want shanking us with a pair of sewing scissors in an unlit hallway.

With your permission…

I will be marking the fallback switch on all future automation devices as TWFFS.

Explanation in the documentation may or may not happen…

(Also… snorting beer out ones nose is no fun…)