My smarthome project


HI. I’m Philippe and I live in Antwerp, Belgium. A few years ago, we have bought a house and it takes several years to make it our home, our smart home. It’s still a project in progress. But if I change anything, I will try to adjust it here on the forum.

I started with a basic installation for the lights with KNX. The last year, I have been reading a lot, following a lot of blogs, testing and now I’m trying to expand my smart home project with Esp8266, Arduino, Sonoff, … . For the software, I use Openhab2 and Node-red as a rule engine.

At this moment I’m working on push buttons for light and push buttons for music.

For the music in the bathroom, I used a Chromecast audio. I operate the Chromecast audio with push buttons, through MQTT and Node-Red.

I used a Freetonics EtherMega and a I/O Breakout Shield.

Because we started small, with basic installation, and we wanted to expand it later, the cabling was already placed. I couldn’t use RJ54 connectors (like Superhouse) so I created my own PCB. I made a I/O Breakout from IDC Header to Screw Terminals.

For the push buttons, I created a PCB with screw connectors.

Blue light switches

Cheers Philippe


Wow, this is a really neat installation! Fantastic work. I’ll follow your progress with interest.


Hi Flip,
Thanks for sharing the installation photos.
I am impressed by the install and the “Clear” use of labeling used.
Looking forward to more updates in the future!


I have starting to think about how I should layout my electronic home automatisation panel…

I’ve bought one 6 month ago and didn’t touch it since…

Everything is hanging like a mess and i’m in a hurry to put everyting straight and organised

Your picture help me alot!!!
Now I have almost no reason to start!!! Hehe
Ive even start an Pinterest and put yours in it!!!

Tnks alot! :balloon: