My smarthome project

HI. I’m Philippe and I live in Antwerp, Belgium. A few years ago, we have bought a house and it takes several years to make it our home, our smart home. It’s still a project in progress. But if I change anything, I will try to adjust it here on the forum.

I started with a basic installation for the lights with KNX. The last year, I have been reading a lot, following a lot of blogs, testing and now I’m trying to expand my smart home project with Esp8266, Arduino, Sonoff, … . For the software, I use Openhab2 and Node-red as a rule engine.

At this moment I’m working on push buttons for light and push buttons for music.

For the music in the bathroom, I used a Chromecast audio. I operate the Chromecast audio with push buttons, through MQTT and Node-Red.

I used a Freetonics EtherMega and a I/O Breakout Shield.

Because we started small, with basic installation, and we wanted to expand it later, the cabling was already placed. I couldn’t use RJ54 connectors (like Superhouse) so I created my own PCB. I made a I/O Breakout from IDC Header to Screw Terminals.

For the push buttons, I created a PCB with screw connectors.

Blue light switches

Cheers Philippe


Wow, this is a really neat installation! Fantastic work. I’ll follow your progress with interest.

Hi Flip,
Thanks for sharing the installation photos.
I am impressed by the install and the “Clear” use of labeling used.
Looking forward to more updates in the future!

I have starting to think about how I should layout my electronic home automatisation panel…

I’ve bought one 6 month ago and didn’t touch it since…

Everything is hanging like a mess and i’m in a hurry to put everyting straight and organised

Your picture help me alot!!!
Now I have almost no reason to start!!! Hehe
Ive even start an Pinterest and put yours in it!!!

Tnks alot! :balloon:

Here’s my automation panel!
(look very closely in the bottom right)

And here is the ‘heart’ of my data collection…

(Look center-right on the shelf for the Arduino)

BEGGING to be cleaned up… but it’s worked for over 5 years like this… so what’s the hurry?

All you need now is a little bit of Gorilla Tape and you could stick that thing to the wall and have a real fine system there! Just be careful not to bump the yellow wire. That’s the one that always causes the problems in troubleshooting(grin).

I mock but really, it isn’t prototyping if it isn’t kinda messy and once you make it clean and tidy, it is no longer a prototype and is just something begging to be replaced with something else new and improved. Am I right? I have so many working but ugly projects waiting for refinement it has come to a level of hilarity I can’t wrap my brain around. Then I see the pretty blue LED and get all glassy eyed and it’s all worth it! Kinda like the Dog in the movie ‘UP’… SQUUIIREL!

Oh yeah, and the vast majority of my home automation system is still sitting in boxes. In a warehouse somewhere else in the world. Because someone else still owns the parts.


It’s the GREY wire…

Not THAT grey wire… THAT one!

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EXACTLY!!! It’s THAT grey wire!

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