Multiroom audio

Has anyone here got a audio setup. If so how have you done yours.

I’m currently playing around with squeezebox and hifiberry amp2+ boards.

Just wanting to see how people have done their setups

I have a Squeezebox server, Touch, and the Radio style unit. The Touch is hooked up to a 3 zone integrated amp (Denon). Works well. I also use Squeeze Player on my phone.

While I use Squeeze Ctrl and a Denon app on my phone to control the players and amplifier, I have connected neither the audio equipment nor the Squeezebox system to HomeSeer. I just have not had the time to try the plugins and it is a lower priority item. We have some Google Home units and my wife and daughter use those for music. There are some ways to connect them to the Squeezebox environment. That would be my first priority as it has a faster WAF.

Honestly, the only reason to hook these up to my automation system isn’t too actually automate them but provide another form of remote control. Either with my automation system’s touch interface or voice. Yet another reason it is low priority.

Karl S


Thats pretty cool, i working on getting my system working. so far i have squeezebox running on a RPI with a Hifi berry Amp board, seams to be working fine just trying to get controls working from HabPanel,
All work, trying to get a slider to work for the volume to actually work.

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Does that setup require a Pi & HiFiBerry per room, @Bedrock?

Yeah it does.
Why I’m trying to achieve is a system where I can press on the touch screens to send a certain audio stream to the rooms that are selected. Or play different music in each room. It’s like 50% working

Yes, I’m hoping to do something similar. But was hoping there is a DIY amp that can switch different inputs to outputs perhaps with some kind of matrix switching IC.

That way the amp is one central device that can route an audio source to any or all of the rooms. Hopefully lowering the cost (instead of many amps).

Depending on the type of audio your wanting to use, eg physical inputs from devices like an Xbox,

you could do something like a DNLA Server to serve many inputs to outputs. but you wont be able to use a RPI and AMP2 board due to the low power output on the amp.

i actually just thought of something.

XILICA make this little box you can configure it with ass many inputs or outputs as you want, but it also has support for GPIO’s and allows control from 3rd party systems. think there around $900AUD

but you would still need an amp to drive the speakers. Might be a cheaper alternative

Hi Guys…This gear is pretty old but i believe some people still use it…A few years ago i bought one for my daughter…Maybe pick one up cheap secondhand…

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