Mirabella Genio Downlights

I took a punt and bought a handful of these when I needed to grab some other stuff from K-mart, $29 a throw, RGB, Cool White, and Warm White.

Combined with Tuya Convert and Tasmota it was a pretty painless operation all up. I won’t go through the full steps, but the short version

  1. Followed the Tuya Convert docs to the letter (I run Linux Mint, ymmv using a vm or a Raspberry Pi)
  2. Selected the Tasmota option once the base bootloader had been flashed
  3. Uploaded Tasmota minimal to the web firmware upgrade once it had rebooted into Tasmota
  4. Uploaded Tasmota full
  5. Configured the tasmota ‘other’ device using the template from here

Two out of the three devices powered up and began flashing, allowing Tuya convert to do its thing. The third required a quick hack, I soldered some wires to ground/reset pads of the ESP and touched them together after powering it on, which put it into the flash mode, allowing me to use Tuya convert.

Disclaimer: If you do this, it might be worth pulling the board out and powering it up with 3.3v with the pads underneath. Mains power is right there and I have not looked very closely at the power supply inside to see how good the voltage separation is.

Overall I’m pretty chuffed that you can get an off the shelf, Aus certified device for not much more than the price of a regular downlight and flash tasmota on it!

That’s excellent to know. Thanks for the write up. What diameter holes do they require?

They were a drop in replacement for my current downlights, according to the installation sheet 90-95mm with a 113mm fascia.

Cool. Worth a trip to check them out then. I have a bunch of limitless LED Downlights to replace and these might be just the thing.

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I bought a Deta model DET900HA 7W Smart LED Downlight from Bunnings Dimmable CCT +RGB it has a 240v to RGB module inline and can be also flashed with Tasmota.

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