Light switch controller with mqtt credentials

Hi I am new to programming so please excuses my ignorance.
I’ve built the light switch controller from episode 25. My mqtt broker uses a username and password, and having spent a few days, trying various things found reading on various posts, that look correct. i’ve had no joy altering Johnathan’s original code. My latest mqtt settings look like this;
/* MQTT Settings /
IPAddress broker(192,168,1,100); // MQTT broker
#define BROKER_USERNAME “@@@@@@@”
#define BROKER_PASSWORD “@@@@@@@”
const char
statusTopic = “events”; // MQTT topic to publish status reports
char messageBuffer[100];
char topicBuffer[100];
char clientBuffer[50];

simply adding the 2 lines, the code is working but no connection to the server showing in the logs. Does this look correct?