Light Switch Controller - OLED & EtherMega

Hi all,
Just received a Freetronics OLED128 and an EtherMega to run Jon’s Switch Controller code.
Problem is the Ethernet port stops working as soon as the OLED is plugged in. Remove the display and Ethernet starts working again. When I say stops working, it does not get an IP address, just displayed as

I have tried using cut down Ethernet and OLED only code with no success.
Obviously this is a show stopper for my home automation project.
Anyone offer any ideas how to fix this?

I have tried changing the order of the begin oled/ethernet with no success.

Cheers, Bill

I assume it is an I/O conflict. Jon may be one of the few that could answer that and he is through here from time to time. He is a pretty busy guy though and I haven’t seen him in a couple days. Didn’t want you to hear nothing but cricket noises after your post here:smile: