Kitchen controller project

Here is a project I did since the spring. We got new counters and backsplash installed in March and I was able to convince the wife to let me install some hidden LED strips - inspired by an episode of SuperHouse - in the kitchen.

I am running an EtherTen powered by the Freetronics mid span injector located in the basement workshop below the kitchen. There is a control box under the cabinet. I have four Adafruit capacitive touch sensors hidden behind the tile backsplash and two radio shack led strips behind the tile as well. I also added a light sensor behind a tile also so I can see ambient light in the kitchen. The system is completely hidden when powered off. Currently they only do “nightlight” mode and turn on to illuminate when the kitchen lights are switched off (via light sensor).

MQTT library
FastLED library
OpenHAB integration through MQTT

Video walkthrough-