iZone Smart switch

Looking for an smart switch for Australia use. Find this, don’t know if it can be haked. Will like to use HA with it.

It’s very hard to tell based on what’s on their site. The manual for the Nexus controller mentions WiFi, but I don’t know if that’s how it communicates with the various nodes in the system or if it’s only for the phone app. Connections to other devices could be ZigBee or something else. They do say that the switch can be put in place without any wiring so I assume there’s a wireless connection to at least some devices, but WiFi isn’t practical for long-term battery devices because it uses too much power.

Without digging further (and maybe pulling one of the switches apart) it’s just a guessing game unfortunately.

The simple fact that the second word in their description is “proprietary” pretty much causes me to automatically dismiss them…

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Any one on here know of a one that an trade man will use in Australia. That will work with HA