IR and RF Control via MQTT with a Broadlink RM Pro+

So I purchased a Broadlink RM Pro+ from on the weekend after reading some info about them on Google and it arrived last night :slight_smile:

After stuffing around trying to use the BETA Broadlink binding in OpenHab (which dosent seem to be being developed anymore) and a bit more Googling, I managed to find this on github which after a bit of playing around with on my Pi, I can now control IR and RF devices using MQTT directly or through openHAB (HabPanel) and Alexa :slight_smile:

works beautifully for IR devices, have my projector now switching on and off without the remote which always gets lost :frowning:

Can now press one button in HabPanel to turn on the projector, lower the screen (projector and screen are through Broadlink-mqtt) and power on my Denon Amp (amp is controlled through the Denon Binding in openHab)

setting up RF was a little more tricky, the built in commands in broadlink-mqtt for recording IR/RF codes dont seem to work for RF, but after some more Googling, I found this which allows you to use the broadlink app on an android device and then export the command codes, which you just need to paste into a file in broadlink-mqtt and away you go :slight_smile:

So now I can control my RF ceiling fan from MQTT as well :smile:

Just thought I would put this out for anyone else that might be looking at doing something like this, for $56 its cheaper and easier that trying to do it with an arduino and it works out the box, lot less frustrating too, oh also the Broadlink RM Pro+ can either run off of USB for power or 240V with a USB adapter if you dont have a computer nearby or usb point to plug it into…

Range wise for IR it has 7 emitters so can fire in all directions including up :slight_smile: but of course is limited to LOS 8-15m they reckon on the website but LOS will get in the way before you get to 8-15m lol, where as the RF transmitter has a range about the same, I have it setup in my cinema at the moment and can control my ceiling fan in my office about 7m away with 2 stud walls in between, so pretty awesome

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