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Hi Folks , Tried posting an introduction a few days ago but dont see it anywhere. So i,ll try again…Came across Jon,s youtube channel recently as i wanted to get back into H.A. and electronics as i havent done anything related for nearly 10 years now…Im a sparkie by trade ,electronics as a hobby , my H.A. controller is Homevision , my lighting controlled by CBUS , audio is CBUS and i use some of my own hardware connected to Homevision see links … Have just connected my lounge curtain controller to Homevision and replaced my broken video system (old vhs recorder) with a Jaycar system …Im now working on a little LCD display which will be connected to Homevision which will send me reminders of things to watch or do…
Have been watching lots of Jons stuff , which is great and i find it spurs me on to pick my game up and get things in some sort of order…
Heres some links if interested …im still using this hardware…

Looking forward to doing some more projects ,not sure if im up to trying the Atmel stuff as i only have done pic related projects…Cheers Frank

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Welcome @FrankMc!!
I looked around to see if I could see what abyss your introduction may have fallen into and didn’t find it but I am glad you were able to jump in and say HI! This is a relatively small group and we were all brought here by Jon’s awesome videos and perspectives on home automation so that makes it a pretty fun place to be. Feel free to jump in at any point and by all means, show us your projects and automation dreams. The rabbit hole is always expanding :grin:


Thanks for the welcome Grant , yes Jon,s video,s are fantastic…wish i was as organised as he is …After watching one of his video,s i went out and bought a bunch of usb sticks ,so now any projects i start will have its own usb stick…
BTW…Love your vault project…would love to make a smaller version of it…
Cheers Frank


I have the initial prototype hardware built. My plan is to get it completely installed and shoot the video for it hopefully Monday. The weather is supposed to be rainy so we shall see how that all plays out.

There are smaller versions of the box I built my vault out of and obviously many other options for latches and stuff in a smaller project. A pretty easy build all together… when you subtract the learning curve to do everything but the box of course :smiley: I can fabricate and design all day long but the coding and stuff was a bit of a new road for me. Matter of fact, I have already rebuilt the code from the ground up 3 times since I posted the V2.1 code because the goal is to have all the functions of the box done on the controller and only status messages sent to MQTT - as opposed to MQTT brokering some of the control messages. I am making the usb connection on the ESP32 board accessible as I know I will be doing a lot of reflashing over the next couple of months as i refine the code and features.

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