Inovelli Smart Swtiches on sale today

I just picked up some ‘unboxed’ Red Series smart light switches from Inovelli. They are on sale today (5/4/20) for only $25 instead of $40. (You have to buy them on the manufacturer’s website)

I found them by chance yesterday looking for no-neutral smart switches.

These look feature packed. They fit in standard wall plates here in the US, are Z-Wave, so don’t require cloud connections, and have an RGB led for status that can be pushed by the automation system. If you have a smart bulb, then the switch can leave power running to the bulb and just send a Z-Wave command to the light bulb to turn it off. They are also dimmer enabled.

These are UL and FCC listed.

I was going to order just one to try out, but jumped in and bought a bunch since they are so inexpensive.