How hackable are these devices?

I’m looking at mydlink smarthome, tp-link, and especially devices.

They are readily available and presumably legal in Aus, etc, but not an option if they can’t be re-flashed or are otherwise more open than they appear. They all have their own app and may integrate with google home, etc, but all here know that’s not what we want.

Has anyone ever looked at these options to see if they can fit into an open environment: Home Assistant, MQTT, etc?

I’m quite new to all this and trying to get the lay of the land - hubs, devices, protocols, etc. The reason I’ve avoided home automation for years is the plethora of “standards” and the difficulty with interoperability. But it looks like the area is getting large enough for open standards and convergence to start emerging.

Thanks and looking forward to engaging with the community here. :slight_smile: ,

First thing I tend to do when looking devices is search home assistant.

The home assistant community are generally the fasted as finding out if a new device is supported. That and looking at the tuya convert database:

Having just done this with a Bunnings (NZ) sold Brilliant Smart Plug, it was a relatively easy process to follow.

If I can’t figure out it being tuya (and therefore tasmota) compatible, I’m not interested.

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Thanks psyciknz, that’s taken me down a new rabbit hole - very valuable.