HA Update and MQTT crashes, anyone?


I made the fated decision to do the updates on HA and all the add-ons that said they had updates available. Something went south and now none of my Sonoff devices will communicate with MQTT. Like at all. I changed NOTHING setting wise. I can go into TasmoAdmin (plugin) and see the switch states and change them so that is fine. But I trigger in Node Red and they do nothing (based on MQTT triggers). HA sees them on the overview page and I can change the state from there, which I assume is through TasmoAdmin or the Wemo integration, since they are Wemo emulated. The stupid thing about this is that the 2 devices I have on ESP32’s still communicate through MQTT and I have not changed their MQTT access passwords.

The MQTT add-on made me change my MQTT password since it supposedly showed up in the PWNED database ( which was fine with the previous version of MQTT) and nothing worked Sonoff wise. So, I went in and changed the password in my Sonoff’s to the new one I put in the add-on. Still nothing. So, basically everything I have that uses NodeRed flows… is DOA. F’ing frustrating. This is exactly why I won’t do any automation of the house stuff. My wife would be kicking my ass around the block if the stuff in the house was not functioning right now.


I haven’t used HA yet so I am unsure how MQTT is configured. But can you use a Terminal and listen to any MQTT chatter on the device that is your MQTT server?

mosquitto_sub -u ***** -P ***** -t "#"

  1. Check that MQTT server is running.
  2. Check that MQTT server and HA client are configured to use the same IP and port.
  3. Does HA have an error log?

Good luck.


I’m quite sure there’s was breaking changes to Sonos in the latest release, check the change logs.


@Guru_Of_Nothing, you are not alone, I have also done a HA update and found none of my Sonoff devices listed. Problem I had was I also updated my Mosqitto broker at the same time so wasn’t sure what was really broken. I ended up power cycling both my RPi3 and RPi Zero as resets didnt solve the problem. However, my laptop running a MQTT monitor was still showing traffic from the Sonoffs! And HA showed other sensors to be okay.
Now by default I always power cycle the RPi after a HA update just in case.