Free to good home: excess random stuff

As part of operation make-space, I need to get rid of a bunch of different things that aren’t worth selling but are too good to throw out. I’d rather see these used by someone than to end up in e-waste.

I’m going to start adding items to this thread, so keep an eye on it if you want something free.

The first item was some current clamps left over from a project many years ago. I had a few that are brand new in their original packaging, never even plugged in, plus some that have been used but are still clean and as-new condition.

I offered them first to my Patrons at the cost of postage, and they all disappeared within a few hours.

I’ll follow the same process for future items: offer them to Patrons first, then list them here if there are any left.


Well, that went off! I can’t believe how many Patreon supporters contacted me asking for a current clamp.

So I’m going to do it again, this time with an outdated version of the Freetronics Eleven. If you’re a SuperHouse supporter on Patreon, keep an eye out for a notification with the secret URL where you can claim these.

If you’re not a supporter on Patreon, please consider supporting my channel by clicking the big orange button on the main site or clicking here and pledging a small amount each month. Thanks!

Nice one Jon! Great idea! What about people that actually bought stuff?
. Good old capitalism needs a bit of assistance it seems these days :slight_smile: I’m retired, out injured, and a small fixed income sort of limits how much disposable income one can throw at multiple patreon accounts…

Hi Clarky! My plan is to notify Patreon supporters first, then I’ll post publicly here later so anyone else can grab a freebie too.

Patreon is my single biggest source of income now, it’s something like US$6,000/year. Without my Patreon supporters I wouldn’t be able to eat, let alone make videos. I want to show my appreciation by giving them first dibs on free stuff and special offers, but I’m not doing it this way to intentionally exclude anyone else.

So if Patrons don’t move fast enough, I’ll post the secret links here for anyone else to jump in too.

Thanks Jon!
I was a lucky one who happened to be supporting a customer on the night shift here in Yankee land when I saw the email come through.