Flashing an esp 8285 on a wiz bulb

Hi, I recently decided to give some cheap start bulbs a try, I’m not impressed with the app and in any case of course I want to install custom firmware!

The bulbs I have are “Wiz Connected” 4lite GU10’s and from what I can glean from google these are rebadged Tuya bulbs.

I have pulled one to pieces and inside just below the lens there is a board with the leds mounted and a chip to control them. Underneath this board (which was glued in) I found another board with an esp8285 chip, and all the AC power related components. The bottom board exposes 6 pins to the top board so they are the only easily accessible terminals, and I am wondering if this will be enough to re-flash the esp.

Ive attached a photo of the thing, unfortunately the forum will only allow me to post one, If anyone has any experience with them a few pointers would be great!