Fixing tags on components in Eagle

I decided to build a proto/breakout board for an ESP32 Devkit V1 module that the esp32 would drop into like an IC chip carrier so I could set it on a desktop and use it as a breadboard. The module has male pins in rows of 15 and the thing is as wide as a breadboard column so you can plug it in to a breadboard but can’t access any of the rows for jumpers. I downloaded Eagle and invested a few dozen hours int othe basic understanding of how it works. I have a problem with routing and was wondering if any of you use Eagle and have any suggestions as to how to fix a tag on a pin. I have looked for hours and nobody has an answer that works.
The first pic is of the schematic. You will see that the tags for the pins are duplicated by whomever made the schematic layout for the ESP32 module. I dropped the part into my drawing from the esp32 schematic library and the pins are labeled wrong.

The second picture is of what it does to the routing wires, even after ratsnesting it. It WILL NOT route properly.