Episode 32: Rock solid WiFi for home automation, part 1

Hi Jon - many thanks. Checking the CTS channel now. Andy

Hey there,
Welcome to the group @talkeasy!!! That video is great! I watched it before I made the choice to buy my AC-LITE access points. I have them in 3 different places spanning over 5 acres and I get a decent signal dang near everywhere on the property. I also have all the management I could ever need through the software. I have been plugging these AP’s to everyone I know because they are sweet! I tossed the mixed bag of crap I had in place before these things and I won’t ever look back.

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Hi Jon,

Update, I have been searching if some others were having this issue.

I found this in Whirpool, I have followed it, and I now have the Gen 2 connected to the NBN, with phone access, USG, Cloud key and 2 AP’s connected, all working.


All ready for part 2 now.


Hi Jon,
I have been looking at getting a USG to add to my network setup (so that it is more simple like yours).
There seems to be two different types of USG devices. One with a VOIP port and the other with a WAN/LAN2 port. Is this just a newer version of the USG or is it a different model?
Also, is there any benefits to using the USG pro? (double the cost, but rack mountable).
Thanks for the awesome videos,