Creating categories for this forum

Discourse supports categories so that topics can be grouped together. So far I haven’t defined any categories, so it’s just a big chronological list of every single topic. I’ve been thinking about adding a couple of categories to help add a bit more order to things, but I don’t know if anyone wants that. Some ideas for categories:

  • Project showcase
  • OpenHAB
  • Home Assistant
  • Voice assistants
  • Show us your lab

Worth doing? Any other suggestions?


Would be a good idea, I figure. It is going to grow from here obviously and it would help to find topics as everything grows.

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I like it - we need one for Dimmer lights also!

Can we have a category just for ranting about misinformation found through google searches related to using Chinese modules with arduino?

Could be pretty popular…


Cool. I don’t know quite how the categories work in Discourse (such as whether it’s like a tagging system, and whether some topics can be done at the top level outside of categories) so I’ll create a few as a starting point and we’ll see what happens. I’ll also try allocating a few existing topics into the categories.

If this is all a disaster, we can back away slowly and pretend it never happened :wink: