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Nice job! Clean looking install


Pur together the rest of the gate node cabinet. I got my light pole installed with a 150w LED fixture and added to that pole a plate with 2 IP cameras and a WPS Bridge. I ran the 3 cables.down to my node

I put the injector for the bridge, a 4 port PoE switch, a standard dumb switch and a 15a circuit in the box, which is a repurposed under body truck tool box. There is lots of there still for the future gate controller hardware and the Pi and E10 for node red connected stuff. The bridge shoots line of sight down the driveway to my stagecoach stop panel project where the second half of the bridge will be located. Pretty excited about that being connected to the network so I have video feeds from.the gate.


Nice looking cabinet!


Moving forward fast now! Finally got the house delivered and started the setup of that node in the pile. I ran 4 cat5e cables from the stagecoach stop node to the house… in conduit of course, just in case I needed to pull them for… who knows what. I added an RG6 in there for good measure in case they EVER get high speed out here in bumpkinville.
I wired every room with a cat jack and the living room with 3. All of those lines, the room feeds and the inbound runs from the stagecoach stop, terminate in my network closet.

I have 9 foot vaulted ceilings in the house so there is LOTS of overhead in the laundry room coat closet.

I moved the NVR to the closet (on the left) and added a 4 port dumb switch, 8 port POE switch, RasPi (to be set up as my OpenHab box, to run headless) and broke it all out on terminal blocks so connections are as easy as plug and pray. As soon as i get the house setup finished and we get moved in, it will be time to set up the lab and start building in the automation elements.
I still have my container mancave/lab/hamshack building to construct and that will complete the networked structures. I have lot of projects to get after now.


Is that wiring back panel actually at the top of a 9’ ceiling? You must not expect to have any equipment problems or redoes, or maybe you just like ladders. One good tip, something I learned after putting my brothers board in his attic at the top of a pull down access stair/ladder. I installed a light switch on the wall downstairs that would switch off the power to the power strip for a reset. Saved a lot of running up and down the ladder and because my brother is a techno-not, I could usually avoid a trouble call by having him flip the switch off then on. Good thing since he lives about 100 miles away in Prineville (home of Apple & Amazon data centers) on the other side of Mount Hood (a big old sleeping volcano) in Oregon, USA and I live in Portland.

Anyway, don’t forget the resets. In my closet I have a smart power strip with ethernet that I picked up a few years ago. You can program a watchdog on each of 8 outlets which will let you do a cascading timed reboot if the web or lan drops out. Very handy especially since I have VOIP phone service so if things go kaflooie and my phone quits it will reset it’s self and save me from not knowing I’m disconnected for a day or more (like that’s never happened before).
Actually, since I’m still installing and wiring the attic, the equipments there but not all up and running yet. Got to get my butt in gear and get it finished. The 18-8 wire finally arrived yesterday so I can finally wire all of my occupancy sensors and the relay panel (pictures coming soon). Plus I was down with a nasty something and spent the last week in bed recovering. Tomorrow I start in again.
Good luck with your projects and remember to run lots of cat6. You never know when you might need an extra cat :wink:


Ha ha ha… YES! Yes it is. No other place in the house to put it that wouldn’t require the better 3/4’s sign off. It is actually quite accessible. And I have already reworked it. Twice. And added more gear. If ya need some heavy viewing… like contemplative bathroom time… I recently filmed a network tour video and the rehab that followed and posted it to my channel. Is the tour Is rehab pt.1 and pt.2

Almost two years ago, I pulled the entirety of my channel down and let it go dark. I am redoing (editing wise, not filming:) all of the content I had up that is worthy of repost. So there isn’t a lot up there now and what is has been posted in the last 30 days or so.

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The stagecoach stop has made big progress since your early photos. Nice work!

System tours and updates like this are really interesting, because they show the different problems that people have to work around. In your case you have a huge distance between different parts of your network and a reliance on either mobile or satellite internet, which are both problems that most people don’t have to worry about in a typical domestic system. Please keep the updates coming :slight_smile: