Bring Neutral to switch for Sonoff Mini

Background; In Victoria, Australia, House built in 2012.
I know I’m not allowed to do electrical work my self, however, in planning what could be possible.
How about I bring down a Neutral loop from the batten fixture behind the light switch And place a Sonoff Mini behind the wall switch.
In theory at least, would that work? It would sure make dong a costing for materials and time for electrician easier to calculate. Appreciate any help and suggestion. Thanks Mike V

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Hi Mike

Yeah that’s what I’d do, not always the case but there is probably a good chance the electrician can just pull through a new cable to get a neutral.

Does the mini have AU/NZ certification? If not, you might struggle to get electricians to install?

Another possible option is to look at Shelly dimmer as doesn’t require neutral, I’m presuming can be used just as a switch without dimmable lights. Note that it doesn’t have AU/NZ Cert yet but they got it for the 1PM last month and said working towards getting for all their products. Only other thing to note is if driving a load less than 10w you will need bypass (info on site).
I put in order for one and a couple of 1PM’s this morning so will hopefully have them to test soon :slight_smile:


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Hi Brian

The mini doesn’t require this as it has two connections to make switch into a dumb switch.
You can use the existing switch so it still looks like all the other switches in the house.
Simply show the electrician the documentation and he will have you up and running in 5 minutes.
We had an issue connecting the WiFi, it seems our modem is to smart so we had to connect it via “compatibility mode” but after discovering that we have had no problems.
We have had lots of fun (Like turning the lights off in the toilet whilst in use)
We are slowly setting up scenes and routines which we really like.
We didn’t upgrade the firmware to Tasmota as I have yet to see what it can do that EWelink dosn’t for the average family.

It still needs a neutral though.

I use a M-Elec Stitchy, it is a zigbee based product so needs a Hue bridge but I have installed some in the light fittings as they use the existing switch wire as input. This can work for 2 way switches as long as the fitting has a hard active