Brilliant Smart Fan Controller - serial flashing help please

Hello Everyone - My First Post !

Firstly thank you Jon for creating an space where we can ask these questions amongst an Aussie audience !

I jumped on getting four of these as a few peeps had luck with Tuya Convert.

Unfortunately I must have got a new batch as mine all have the new Tuya firmware and cannot be flashed OTA.

I am totally inept at soldering and have tried serial flashing the units with alligator clips, and various other means … all to no avail.

The TYWE3S board is affixed vertically to the circuit board just to add another level of complication.

Just wondering if anyone would be keen to have a look at one of these and have a crack at helping me serial flashing?

I’m sure it would help others as I think these are one of the nice fan controllers on the market.

All the best