Best chip/board option for hardwired Ethernet Microprocessor

I want to design a board for home automation. Ideally, it would be an ethernet-based version of something like a Huzzah (ESP8266/ESP32)- Huzzah

It should meet the following requirements:

    • Hardwired ethernet
    • Multiple GPIO pins (Analog input would be nice to have)
    • Can be programmed “over the wire” (from the server ala over the air)
    • Power over Ethernet (could be handled by the board I’d like to make unless this already exists) Huzzah can take up to 6VDC.

Or to state another way, it would be a version of the Ether10 using a processor with more memory than the Atmel 328 and adding the ability to program over the air.


I’ve been looking for something similar for a couple of years. It’s possible with Ethernet shields for an esp8266 and the esp32 has an Ethernet MAC you “just” need to add a PHY. But for me, adding Ethernet is too costly compared to the base unit to justify, when you get WPA2 WiFi for free.