Basic light control

I want to embark on the home automation route and thought the place to start would be with a simple remote light for a light in the house.
Having watched Jon’s video introducing the Sonoff Mini I thought that would be an ideal place to start - but hold on. The light switch only has switch wires connected to it.
(I’m in Australia so) How does that work considering I cant break into an active, neutral earth setup. Can someone please point me to the relevant instructions. Thanks.


The options are a bit more limited in a “no neutral” setup. Since you light switch only has an Active wire, you could consider one of the “no neutral” smart switches. I recommend the Inovelli Zwave ones here in the US. Sonoff also has a no neutral version. Another option is to put the Sonoff Mini up in the ceiling where is has Active and Neutral.

These two videos are great to explain the options in no-neutral scenarios.

SuperHouse “Science or scorcery?”

DrZzs live stream on the topic. There’s a shorter version too.



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