Arduino Mega I/O - MQTT


Interested to hear if anyone has created an Arduino MEGA to be a general purpose MQTT client ? By this I mean created code to allow the MEGA to be configured (like tasmota) to define pin properties and set topics etc.

I know there is “nothing like creating it yourself”, just wondering if anyone else would see this as useful or its already created ?

I like Jon’s light switch controller, thats definately the basis for input management, add the callback code to receive commands to control outputs is all thats needed.

Again like Jon has mentioned, not interested in using WIFI as it jsut needs to work…and the NODEMCU and other devices just dont have enough pins (and no I’m not interested in port expanders etc). The MEGA units withe the breakout board makes them easy to use.

So for those that know tasmota on sonoff, that kind of interface but to setup I/O on a mega is the ultimate aim…


Espeasy has an unofficial arduino port that might work depending on your needs… (I’ve only used it for simple I/O & dht22’s)

URL for it, it must be a secret because I cant find it…?


They apparently renamed it…

Heres the link to the full version you can compile & modify with the arduino ide…

Device plugins are relatively compatible with the espeasy ones and take minimal modifications to get most of them to work… hope this helps…


Thanks for sharing, i will go and have a look…interesting to see the MEGA is called a legacy product yet its the only thing I can find that supports real ethernet that has LOTS of regular I/O. I get it that people want “no wires” hence the ESP8226 and equiv but I think that’s a false economy :slight_smile: