Adding zigbee to an RPi to control Hue and Aqara

Hi, I went out on a limb and bought a zigbee light switch, this is the model I went for, thinking since they are zigbee they might work with my Hue bridge - of course its not that simple! I tried to add them using the Hue app and it seems that there are only certain accessories Hue supports.

So I have done some more digging, and I’m thinking maybe I can add zigbee support to my RPi using, then I think it is possible to use NodeRed to orchestrate the zigbee switch commands into Hue’s world. I have experience of this in reverse, using a Hue switch to control sonoffs so pretty sure that is not a problem.

I’m wondering if anyone has any experience of a similar setup and can recommend a zigbee adapter, I think for my switches it’ll need to be zigbee 3.0, but I’m just repeating what I have read on various sites, I have no idea if its that simple!

Also I guess if I get this working, I could realistically use the RPi instead of the Hue bridge for the bulbs as well?

I noticed these adapters which support tasmota and may be an alternative to the RPi adapter, but cant seem to see them on your store @jon ?

If anyone has any tips on a this kind of setup that would also be great!