A new to me server

Feel like living vicariously? I just purchased a fairly loaded HP DL380 Gen7 server. I say loaded because the thing comes with all the guts like dual p/s, lots of ram, 8 SAS drives and their sleds… though not very big ones at 146G but all the slots are full to begin with… so I don’t have to buy a bunch of crap to populate the cabinet. NOW… the question is, what all to do with it? Since I know far less than squat about enterprise grade server gear and the software options to run on it, this will be an adventure. Was thinking a NAS, maybe an in-house web server, a video storage server for a crapload of IP cameras, maybe even a really large paperweight? Since I figure there is at least one IT geek in here, I figure I should toss out a line and see what you guys would do if you had (OR currently have and use) a power consuming brick such as this. If I am building a network, I might as well toss in some serious computing power as well? Why not!

So shoot! I am listening… I am also in Washington State so if anybody is close by and feeling like educating a noob, I volunteer to be that noob.

Sounds pretty nice gear, I went with consumer i7, 16gb ram and now up to 4x3tb drives and 2 SSD drives.
You will want to look at virtual machines, few options like UnRaid, FreeNas, hyper-v, xen etc.

I weighed up unraid and freenas but ended up with UnRaid due to being able to create virtual machines that pass through integrated GPU etc which 1 VM is my office machine saving need for 2 machines. Also have a newly built mycroft VM. You then get dockers which I have about a dozen to do things like web server, MQTT server, nextcloud etc etc

Welcome to the rabbit hole :grin:

The server has arrived! I am not ready to get knuckles deep in it yet but I figured I would share the details. It is an HP Proliant DL380 Gen 7 and they sent it with both 6 core Xeon 2.8Ghz chips in it, 72G memory,… like almost every slot is populated, 8 total 146G SAS drives on their appropriate sleds and both power supply slots filled with matching 750W hot swap power supplies. I popped the cover and took a look in 'er and it is super clean. The heat sinks for the Xeon’s are spanking shiny clean as with every bit of the rest of this little booger. I wouldn’t think that it has any kind of OS on it since it came from a dealer but… I would love to be happily surprised! Now I just need to find an IT guy willing to dig me out of the weeds when I tinker it to death. I hope to set it up as a NAS but due to the type/size and expense of these tiny SAS drives, I might go with a seperate NAS that will run a more affordable drive. I also want to do some virtualization so I can run other stuff as well. I have been researching setting up a Win 10 virtual so I can do some video editing that can utilize the raw power that this thing has that none of the rest of my computers have. Its what I get for buying bottom of the pile Dell hardware.

If you really want to make that new machine useful, look at VMWare first.

Install ESXi on the machine first, then you can have as many virtual servers as you like.