3D printing + home automation

Wondering what the community has done with thier 3D printers and home automation.

I’ve done enclosures for Sonoff, RaspberryPi, arduino mounts, and circuit board holders that I designed. The board holders are super nice to stage things like the RaspberryPi camera at a convienent angle and to hold pcbs like this relay board off the table.

I’ll make one for the Freetronics midspan POE at some point when I get back to that project.

My board holders:

Sonoff enclosure:

Nice! I’m looking forward to getting my printer working so I can print up some DIN rail holders for my arduino’s and Pi’s. Also for my relay boards. Considering what DIN rail mounts go for on eBay, I’ll pay for the printer in no time. I have several relay boxes located around the house so I need quite a few mounts. I am just getting ready to wire the lights and plugs in my shop and garage. I will put another controller out there to reduce the distance I need to run the home run wires. I will just need one cat5 wire to the main control in the attic to remotely operate the shop/garage lights.

The printed mounts will give a professional, finished look to my installation. The rails will be mounted inside UL approved metal junction boxes. Maybe this will help me get past the inspector with my DIY panels. Here’s hoping. I’ll post links & pictures to my models when I get finished. I’ll probably put them on thingiverse. There might already be DIN mounts there, I’ll have to check. Right now I just need to get the printer to be more than a pile of parts. Another couple of days.

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Just checked out thingiverse and found just what I needed.

Totally awesome. I really like the color too.

This one works well for just about any board.

this one is great for relay boards. Just search DIN rail mounts at

Cool - I like them!
They even have the retainer pin you can pull out to release it.