12 volt wifi switch

Could someone please tell me If I can get/make a simple switch that allows me to switch a low voltage (12 volt relay) in the house using wifi… activated by a switch in the garage.

It’s about knowing when the garage door is left open using a flashing 12 volt light in the house

Do you have something on the garage door already to tell if it is open over wifi that you will communicate with?

Switch for led, you could go with a sonoff which gives a nice package. Another option is esp32 with a relay like this

Do you have any automation platform such as home assistant to manage communication? If you were setting up 2 devices without anything else, I havent read it all but this could be way to go https://www.instructables.com/id/WiFi-Communication-Between-Two-ESP8266-Based-MCU-T/

The only thing on my door is a flashing light activated by switches top and bottom. The purpose of that flashing light is to indicate DONT BACK THE CAR OUT AS THE DOOR IS DROPPING. I want to now add the ability to notify, by buzzer or flashing light in the house, that the garage door is open.

I will add a magnetic wired or wireless door sensor device attached to your garage track. When door is up, sensor will be separated. It sends a notification to you. It can beep or light up another device in your house. The sensor device can be from $1.5 USD up from AliExpress.com. I have myQ device for years. When time it retired, I will convert with door sensor to signal me the door status. Good luck to you.

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While I personally would over-engineer this with a distributed peer-to-peer Wifi network build with an ESP32 and a Rasberry Pi, all you actually need is a simple RF link.

Put a magnetic sensor with a wireless transmitter in the garage and a receiver with indicator in the house.

Many ways to approach this but here are a few ideas to get you started. What’s nice about these wireless sensors is they can talk to a “smart hub” in future when the home automation bug bites you. And it WILL bite you trust me.

No affiliated links… just random examples off the web.

GE, White, Wireless Activated Control with 1 Grounded Outlet Receiver, Auto ON When Door or Window is Open, No Wiring Needed, Ideal for Lamps and Entryway Lighting, 12752, Switch https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014W6Q5CE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_hl0JEb4FAAHJ6


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I am just learning about HA but a long way from being able to use it

You could use the Sonoff SV in “isloated” mode and it gives you dry contacts on the relay. Then you switch whatever you want. You could also use one of the GPIO’s for the garage door sensor.


Hi…In case you’re somewhat sure with (de-)welding and wouldn’t fret losing the guarantee, you can make the fibaro hand-off modules 12v worked rather than 230v.
Just the info feed however, the switch sources of info will remain 230v worked, so you can’t associate any changes to the module (except if they are 230v obviously)
The yields work fine and dandy and are/remain possible free.